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From the Founder

The fact that you are here reading this blog post is something that I am beyond grateful for. To think that just over a year ago I created Collection Seven as just a concept in my mind, an idea that I believed in so much and couldn’t wait to share with the world. It has taken a great deal more time, effort and energy than I had perhaps anticipated but I couldn’t be more proud of what we have achieved and the brand that has been brought to life as a result. 

Having worked in the interior design industry for the past decade, familiarising myself with the UK Furniture market is something that has become an every day part of life. Sourcing the right pieces for clients is a big aspect of what we do and love. But here I saw an opportunity to design a collection of my own, a furniture brand that combined all of my favourite styles, fabrics and details that I had so carefully curated for my interior design clients in the past.

From the beginning there were two fundamental elements that I wanted to instil within the brand.

The first was to work with a manufacturer that could produce all of the pieces in the UK, supporting local business and celebrating the craftsmanship still alive in our country. I am now proud to say that all of the items of furniture from Collection Seven are handmade by a wonderful team based on the outskirts of London.  

The Second element was to create more than just a furniture store. I wanted to offer a brand that fused furniture with lifestyle, interiors and love of design. This would hopefully bring together a platform that would inspire my customers beyond just buying a product and to become part of a community.
I am so excited to bring you on this journey and share many more wonderful things to come.

Thank you for your support in the debut of Collection Seven.

Jessica x